Ynys Bryddoni

Ynys Bryddoni (In-is Bri-th-own-ee) is an archipelago situated off the southwestern coast of Mot Tira, and is the primary adventuring area for the Ynys Bryddoni Campaign Setting.

Ynys Bryddoni is made up of one large island (Ynys Bryddon) and over 50 smaller island, mostly concentrated off the rocky eastern coast. Until recently, the bulk of the main island was ruled by the Brechtish Empire, but the empire has since abandoned the island and much political infighting has ensued.

The island measures about 450 miles east-to-west at its widest point, and 700 miles north to south, though the southern half of the island is inaccessible most of the year, and believed to be uninhabitable.

The Northern half of the island can be divided into 4 geographic regions. The northern most area is spanned by heavily wooded plains and rolling hills flanking the fertile Tenvail Valley. This landscape stretches far south to the east of the Brigant Mountain Range, reaching nearly to the White Wall Mountains. To the west of the Brigants is a landscape dominated by dales in the highlands falling into marshy valleys near the coast. The eastern peninsula is rocky and mountainous.

Ynys Bryddoni

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