Ynys Bryddoni uses a custom equipment list with world-specific prices and item availability.

Prices vary from place to place, so be sure to check with the DM for information on availability and local inflation.


Most of the coinage in Ynys Bryddoni was minted in the Empire, though a few local authorities have begun minting equivalent coinage. Whether Imperial or local in origin, the local terminology is used to identify it.

Exchange Value PM BM GM KM
Pennant Mark (PM) 1 1/10 1/100 1/1,1000
Banner Mark (BM) 10 1 1/10 1/100
Guild Mark (GM) 100 10 1 10
King’s Mark (KM) 1,000 100 10 1

A Pennant Mark is the most common coin in circulation, and the only coinage used in typical day-to-day transactions among the low born. It is made of bronze.

A Banner Mark is a silver coin used for large transactions among the low born, and typical transactions among the high born. It is typically the daily wage for a common laborer.

The Guild Mark is a gold coin that derives its name form being a coin that was commonly only exchanged among the large guilds of the empire.

The King’s Mark is so named due to it being so rare it is typically only exchanged among rulers and few low born ever encounter one. It is made of platinum.

Coins weigh 150 to the pound.

Other Wealth

Wealth is commonly converted to goods among the very rich. Coins are rarely hoarded, but rather converted into more useful or easier to manage assets, such as estates, holds, and precious gems.

Among the low born, barter is a much more common method of trade. While small farming communities will generally have common goods shared, when attending one of many open-air market meetings that travel through the realm, they will trade those goods for a number of vouchers which they can use for trade within the market.

Selling Treasure

Selling goods is not as easy as in most campaigns. Most “towns” are made of 3-6 families at most, and little coin is exchanged at the Caers, where everyone works at the behest of the local landlord.

Coin-based commerce is primarily exercised in the major cities, and upon Ynys Bryddoni, there are only a few. Cities are expensive, and prices tend to inflate greatly within its walls. One can expect to receive between 10%-35% of the items original value for coins, somewhat higher for barter.


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