Emrys Gideon

Enigmatic adviser to kings


Emrys appears to be in his 40s, with a greying beard and long, usually unkempt hair. His is rarely seen without his green hooded cloak and oak staff etched with old Aithghar and Bryddoni runes.

He’s slight of build and height and often leans heavily on his staff for support, though he occasionally proves to be quite spry. He holds his own in a sword fight, as proven during the Battle of Hunter’s Ford.


Most of Emrys’ history is shrouded in legend and myth. Nobody knows from where he comes or his parentage. He has only ever identified himself as Emrys, gaining the nickname “Timestrider” due to legends of his ability to traverse time.

Some say he has lived for many thousands of years, that he was present when the veil between worlds was torn. Others say he is the offspring of a mortal king and a demon from Tir Anon.

What is known is that he has served the last 4 High Kings of Ynys Bryddoni in one capacity or another, and he continues in that role as King Balyn fights to bring the whole of the island under his control

Emrys Gideon

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