“The Empire is gone. You would do well to remember that. The legions have crossed the sea north, sacrificing one nation of slaves so to preserve another. So we shall take up arms, as our fathers always have. If you would wail and howl like cur, lament our slavers have gone, then indeed, all your fears shall come to pass, for no man who refuses to defend himself can long be free.

“But are you not Men of the Bryddon? Can you not heft a spear or sword as well as any? The songs tell of great heroes before the Empire; Men who fought giants and dragons, barbarians and knights, all the same. Are you not your father’s sons?

“We must look to our own defense. We must fight.”
- Emrys Gideon, First Druid of Bryddoni

For three-hundred years, the Legion kept the peace. The Empire’s elite soldiers manned the walls of every city and Caer upon Ynys Bryddoni.

But now, a new threat has arisen, and the Legion has gone. The social constructs abandoned, the petty kings and lords of the Island are left to pick up the pieces of a society 300 years after being destroyed.

Out the darkness of this era, a new threat has emerged… the Thuni… an army of warlike beasts bent on conquest and enslavement. Ynys Bryddoni, a land of heroes long past, must find new heroes.

Ynys Bryddoni